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PVCu Windows

Most people are familiar with the benefits that PVC-u brings to the replacement window industry, such as extra warmth, draught and sound proofing, not to mention longer lasting performance than from replacement windows made from other materials.

But our windows stand out from the rest. We use REHAU profiles because we want to be able to offer the widest possible range of high quality, slim profile windows to suit all types of properties.

The deep chamfers on our windows have been carefully designed to replicate the putty line of a timber window. This gives all the advantages of PVC-u, while maintaining a traditional appearance.

Another great asset of PVC-u is that they require virtually no maintenance. They don't need painting, so they don't warp, flake or peel. Just occasionally oil the hinges and locks and gently rub the frames with a mild detergent and they will stay looking like new for many years.


Under test, a double glazed window made with REHAU profiles will achieve a rating of 30-40dB (decibels). Typical ambient sound measures around 60dB in suburban conditions, so your new windows will more than halve the noise, allowing you to relax undisturbed.


With the high percentage of burglaries committed by opportunists on easy targets, no home owner nowadays can afford to neglect basic security precautions.

With our double glazed replacement windows, you can choose your own level of security by incorporating the latest locking systems. We will be able to provide you with details on a full range of security systems.

For the safety conscious, tilt and turn windows in the turn position provide a large unrestricted opening for use as an emergency exit. Special hinges are also available for casement windows, so they can be opened wine in emergencies.

Excellent Thermal Insulation

PVC-u is a very poor conductor of heat and therefore makes an excellent insulator.

REHAU frames have been tested and proven to keep in nearly 60% more heat than typical older frames. This conserves energy and more importantly saves you money on your heating bills.

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