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Victorian Conservatories

When designing the conservatory to match your aspirations remember that you'll want to live in it more than you initially anticipate. This 'Room for all Seasons' will become the focal point of your life at home. Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn will see you enjoying the comfort and freedom of the garden inside the house.

Art and technology have combined to establish the conservatory as a flexible and attractive way of adding space and value to your home, or simply indulging oneself for the sheer pleasure of it. As well as adding an entirely new look to the exterior of a building, accommodating a medley of activities inside, it can be designed to suit you, your lifestyle, your property and your budget.

Indulge in a daydream or two: your house, your conservatory. How do you see it? Evenings entertaining family and friends, or peace, solitude and the Sunday papers? Maybe both?

The conservatories of today are a far cry from the original glass houses which were built primarily to protect exotic plant life from the worst ravages of the British winter. Our new conservatory, with high insulation throughout, is a place as likely to be used in mid-winter as in the height of summer.

North, South, East or West, the aspect of a conservatory will affect it's ambience. It may be a sunny breakfast spot, or be filled with the rich glow of the setting sun in the evening. Or perhaps it's south facing with sunlight streaming through from dawn to dusk. These factors may well influence how and when you use your conservatory.

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